The 6-Step Framework to Beautifully Photograph Births in the Next 90 Days

(and How to Specialize in Birth so You Can Go Full-Time Too!)

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NOW is the time to specialize in birth photography!

With home births and birth center births on the rise + hospitals opening up to more visitors... right now is the time to get your business in order & learn everything you need so you can hit the ground running when hospitals fully open back up! 

Results like this (from a free training)?

"Tavia's training helped me finally tackle things I've really been struggling with in my photography business!"

- Lauren Dillard

“The training experience gave me the basic steps to start building my confidence!"

- Jessica Hanevik


Finally feel confident and ready to serve families with birth photography & build lifelong clients so that you can grow a thriving, successful business!

This training is for you if: 

  • You're worried you can't specialize in birth photography right now.
  • You've photographed less than 3 births.
  • You're don't think you're good enough to charge a lot (or at all).
  • You're new to birth photography and aren't sure where to start learning all the things. 

A Note From Your Instructor...

Hey y'all, I'm Tavia! 

After photographing well over 150 births and becoming known as a birth photographer, I was able to grow my business to six figures and retire my husband from his corporate job.

My family of 5 lives solely on my income, and I want to show you my 6 step process to confidently photographing birth!

See you in the training!

- Tavia 

Ready to confidently serve families with birth photography to grow a thriving, successful business?

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