Learn How to Consistently Book Clients in Your Baby & Birth Photography Business

with my 7 Step Marketing System


In This Training, You'll Learn:

Exactly how to stay booked months in advance!

My 7 step marketing system is your path to a fully booked calendar & I'm laying it all out for you!

How you can book ideal clients who are happy to pay your prices.

without being "salesy!"

How I retired my husband from his 9-5 choosing a specific niche.

My photography business now supports my family of 5!

What we did to "pandemic-proof" my business.

We booked 22 birth clients + dozens portrait sessions in 2020. Many of our students had their best year in business EVER in 2020! I'll show you what we did!

Being a photographer doesn't have to be a part time job, or a side hustle. 

  • I used to think that photography would just be extra income for my family, and for many years it was. But, once I learned how to market my business well, I quickly turned my business from a side hustle to our family's main course of income.
  • Whether you're stuck worrying that no one will pay your (totally reasonable) portrait prices or not sure your market will handle birth photography, this free training will help! 
  • Join me to finally learn what it takes to make a full time income specializing in birth & baby photography.

Ready For The Best 60 Minutes You've Spent Working on Your Business?

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Nice to Meet You!

I'm Tavia, homeschooling mom of 3 and sole income earner for my household!


Let me back up.

Birth Photography was not a "thing" when I started in 2012.

But, this genre is rapidly growing. More and more moms all over the world are hiring a birth photographer.

In 2018, I was able to grow my business to six figures and retire my husband from his corporate job.

My family of 5 lives solely on my income, and I want to show you how I did it!

If you're not sure you want to specialize in birth, but you KNOW you want to go full time as a baby photographer, this is for you!

Sign up for the free training where I'll show you the exact 7 steps to use to stay fully booked! 

Talk soon! 


I want to learn the step-by-step marketing system to go full-time (yes, even in a pandemic)!

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